Titanium is fully resistance to solutions of chlorites, hypochlorites, Perchlorates and chlorine dioxide; common chemicals in the pulp and paper industry. Brine solutions, brackish sea water and other waters will not detract from the performance, nor will most oxidizing chemicals and acids. Titanium also has some application in reducing acids as well, where corrosion resistance is critical.
Standard and nonstandard “one-off” products are available ranging from seamless and welded pipe fittings like ELBOW, TEE, UNION, COUPLING, REDUCER, HALF-COUPLING, PIPE CAP, PLUG, BUSH, NIPPLE, BEND AND STUB END producing ½” nb to 6” nb.

With our customer’s demand, we also undertake fittings, flanges and fasteners on ZIRCONIUM, NICKEL ALLOYS like HASTALLOY-B, HASTALLOY-C INCONEL, MONEL, TANTALUM, NIOBIUM and MOLYBDENUM etc.


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